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Biozellen Products FAQs(Part 2)

Has product X been tested in species Y or application Z that is not listed on the data sheet? 
If you do not see that a specific species or a specific application is listed on our data, please contact our Technical Support Team and they will be happy to check their reference database to see if any other researchers or publications have cited the use of this antibody in the species or application of interest.

How do I select an isotype control for my experiments? 
When purchasing an isotype or negative control for your experiment, in addition to the host species and isotype of your test antibody, you will also need to consider the species in which you are working. An isotype control may be raised against an antigen that is not naturally occurring, but this is not always the case. Please be aware that an isotype control advertised as being suitable for use on human cells may not be suitable for an experiment where the target cells are mouse. Where applicable, the isotype control should also be conjugated to an identical fluorochrome as the primary antibody being tested.  Recommended isotype controls can usually be found in the products drop-down menu on the Biozellen  website.

How should I aliquot my antibody? 
In order to avoid repeat freeze thaw cycles, Biozellen recommends aliquotting the antibody prior to storage below freezing. Aliquots should be no smaller than 20 ul as the antibody can absorb into the sides of the vials. Alternatively, you may dilute the contents with a solution containing 1:2 – 1:20 BSA. The additional proteins act to stabilize the antibody solution. Before diluting the antibody for storage, however, the diluent should be sterile filtered to retard microbial growth.

How should I choose a positive control? 
Biozellen strongly recommends testing antibodies in the presence of suitable controls. Our product datasheets will often list the suggested positive control tissues, cell lines, or extracts. However, for products where this information is not listed, we recommend searching for known positive controls in many popular online protein databases (i.e. Swiss-ProtNCBIGeneCardsATCC). Additionally, you may always contact our Technical Support Team for details.

How should I store my antibody? 
Biozellen always recommends storing the antibody as directed on the datasheet. Improper storage may result in loss of antibody activity, so Biozellen is unable to guarantee an antibody’s performance if not stored as recommended.  Antibodies are adversely affected by freeze/thaw cycles. Therefore, it is typically recommended to store antibodies for a few days at 4° C rather than expose them to multiple freeze/thaw cycles. Do NOT store antibodies in frost-free freezers.

What antigen retrieval method should I use? 
Antigen retrieval information is not always available for all immunohistochemistry antibodies, so some optimization by the end user is often required. Please refer to the Antibody Guide for more information on antigen unmasking procedures.

What is the concentration? 
The concentration for our products is listed on the online datasheet.  Simply search for the catalog number in which you are interested, and view on the “Datasheet” tab, under the "Applications" section.  The concentration is also listed on the printed datasheet you received with your product.  

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