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was founded in 1990, three by Harvard University Dr Like-minded college biochemistry co-founded, initially only for their test subjects provide better reagent Shared services. As time goes on, and with strict control of product quality, biozellen is getting better. 

We accepted a $1,000,000.00 investment in sequoia capital in 2003. Start building your own lab, own product lines.

In 2005, our own product variety accumulated to 3000 types, which is mainly directed to laboratory basic parts medicine experiment: cell biology, biological molecule and other disciplines. 

In 2009, with the increasing heat of immunology, we began to focus on the production of antibodies, so far we have nearly 7,000 antibodies. 

In 2011, we reinstalled our web site to meet our better future. At present, our dealers are around the world.

About us  

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