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Biozellen Products FAQs(Part 1)

Am I able to obtain the immunogen sequence for this antibody? 
Biozellen selects immunogen sequences in order to deliver the most effective/specific antigenic responses. While the specific immunogen sequences for some products are available on their datasheets, many Biozellen antibodies are directed against proprietary immunogen sequences.

Are there any published references citing the use of this antibody? 
Biozellen strives to keep our product datasheets updated with newly released data and citations. As soon as we receive notification of a newly published reference, our datasheets are promptly updated. The published literature is located at the bottom of each data sheet under the "References" section.   Occasionally, authors will cite a Biozellen antibody without providing a specific catalog number. We will do our best to determine which product was used, however this may require contacting the author for additional clarification.

Can this antibody be used for in vivo experiments? 
Biozellen antibodies are intended for use in vitro experiments only.  Our antibodies have not been tested nor are recommended for use in vivo.

Can I use this antibody in an untested application or species? 
Yes!  Our Innovator's Reward™ program is designed to support your innovative research with minimal financial risk to you.  Should you decide to use one of our products in an untested application or species, Biozellen will reward you a discount voucher for 100% of the purchase price of the reviewed product.  Simply email to apply for your award.  We will send you a form for you to submit a summary of your research and report your experimental results, after which your award will be given. You can also submit a review detailing your positive/negative resutls for the untested species/application. Biozellen will verify the image data and process the review. We will email you a voucher for 100% of the purchase price of the reviewed product to use for a future purchase and you will receive rewards. Your innovation can help us to accelerate bioscience research. After all, we’re making your success our goal.