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Biozellen® Collagen I Solution,Rat

    Size:10mg、20mg 、50mg、100mg
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 Biozellen® Collagen I Solution,Rat


Catalog No.   B-P-00001                

Specification  10mg、20mg 、50mg、100mg

Storage       Store at 4℃. Keep for two years.   





Biozellen® Collagen


Rat Tail Tendon


Solution (0.01N HCl)



Package Size

10mg20mg50mg100 mg

Collagen concentration /Biuret

3.0 - 4.5 mg/mL

Endotoxin (EU/mL) /LAL

≤ 1.0

Sterility (USP)

No growth

Storage Temperature

2 to 10  / 35.6 to 50

Expiration Date

Listed on product label and
Certificate of Analysis

Purity / SDS PAGE /
electrophoresis / silver stain


Electrophoretic Pattern
/ SDS PAGE / Silver stain

 90% collagen containing within
 10% collagen containing with
band traveling faster thanα

Cell Attachment Assay



Biozellen® Collagen I is ideal for the thin coating of surfaces in 2D environments. It promotes cell adhesion for various cell types, such as hepatocytes, fibroblasts, spinal ganglion, muscle cells, Schwann cells, epithelial cells. Coating collagen I can be applied to the study of tumor cell invasion, migration and the chemotaxis of macrophages, monocytes.

Collagen I 3D gel, similar to the animal extracellular matrix. Culturing in 3D in vitro configurations, could offer biomimetic microenvironment. The gel stiffness can be manipulated to affect cell migration in 3D than in 2D. It allows you to study the effects of the mechanical properties of the ECM on cell development, chemotaxis, migration and morphology.


Employ aseptic practices to maintain the sterility of the product throughout the preparation and handling of the collagen product.

It is recommended that the collagen and other working solutions be chilled and kept on ice during the whole preparation of the collagen.

Coating Procedure

Note: Use these recommendations as guidelines to determine the optimal coating conditions for your culture system.

1. Transfer desired volume of collagen solution from the bottle to a dilution vessel if required. Further dilute to desired concentration using a sterile 0.01 N HCl solution.

2. Swirl contents gently until material is completely mixed.

3. Add diluted collagen material to the culture surface ensuring that the entire surface is coated. (Suggestion: 5 μg/cm2)

4. Incubate at room temperature, covered, for 1 hour.

5. After incubation, aspirate any remaining material until the surface is dry.

6. Rinse coated surfaces carefully with sterile medium or 1X PBS, avoid scratching surfaces.

7. Coated surfaces are ready for use. They may be stored at 2-8 °C for up to one week under sterile conditions.